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Mail Order Canna offers several varieties of cannabis flowers and marijuana leaves. Our cannabis flowers and marijuana leaves remain unprocessed, which helps them to amplify their medicinal effectiveness and retain their natural nutrients. Dried cannabis flowers provide low doses of THC and CBD when compared to concentrates, making them a better choice for those dealing with anxiety and emotional and mood disorders than physically painful conditions.

The varieties listed below all come from Sativa flowers. Although lower in both compounds, Sativa plants have a higher Cannabidiol (CBD) to THC content ratio when compared to Indica and Hybrid flowers, which generally results in energetic and uplifted moods. This creates a stimulating effect, strongly impacting the mind and emotional state, as opposed to the body, allowing the patient to retain a high degree of functionality. Because of this, sativa marijuana leaves and flowers are often used to manage depression and boost moods during the day.

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