Aloha Infused THC Lemonade 100 mg


Aloha Infused THC Lemonades 100 mgs

1 drink – $13.00

Free 8th if you spend $350 or more!


Introducing Aloha Cannabis Infused Lemonade. We are really glad one of our friends recommended this brand! We have been looking for quality cannabis drinks for quite some time. These guys are right here in Vancouver and make some high quality lemonade. They dropped this batch off brewed fresh and bottled just hours before we got it. These drinks taste amazing and give you a nice buzz! The lemonade is 300mg of THC per bottle.

Aloha Cannabis Infused Lemonade is made with the highest quality THC distillate. They use real sugar and lemon juice. No artificial flavours or colours. We love that their ingredient list is so simple.

Each drink is $13.00