Gaia Healing and Wellness THC CBD Cream


Gaia Healing and Wellness THC CBD Cream

1 Bar – $65.00

Free 8th if you spend $350 or more!
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Gaia Beauty & Wellness Extra Strength Pain rub by CannaCo is a much larger version of the Extra strength pain CDB topical rub that we have. This topical is the same size as a deodorant stick so there’s plenty of soothing CBD rub to go all around! This topical contains a whooping 800mg hemp derived CBC with 400mg THC to help activate the CBD. Will you get high off the THC? No you will not! This is where we see the Entourage effect. The Entourage effect’s theory is that all compounds in cannabis work together and will in result produce better product than on its own. The THC helps activate the CBD receptors to maximize the effects.

CBD topical pain rub is a great use of CBD for those aches and pains that just don’t go away. How to use? Apply to clean skin (I suggest right after a nice hot shower, That opens up your pores) rub CBD onto skin and I highly suggest massaging it in! (Or get your partner to! Great excuse for a massage!) massaging it in will heat up your skin and help the CBD penetrate into your pores so it can do its job!

Why a topical over tinctures? Because you’re applying CBD directly to the source of pain!

Each bar contains 400 mg of THC and 800 mg of cbd